Traveling Books

You’ve heard of Johnny Appleseed, right? He was the American folk-hero who spread apple seeds everywhere he went. His dream was to produce so many apples no one would ever go hungry.

Well, I’m spreading books everywhere I go. So far, I’ve left my books in restaurants in California and at B&Bs in Texas, Kansas and New Mexico. I’m also starting to leave books in the Little Free Libraries.

If you visit a Little Free Library, please take a picture of yourself with ANY book and email it to me at Celia(at)Celiabonaduce(dot)com. I’ll put your picture here on my website. My goal is to have pictures of people from every state accessing any of the free book services in America.

If you are an author, I encourage you to start spreading the word yourself!

My dream is for all of us to share so many books, no one is ever hungry for something to read. Take a book, leave a book, send me a picture! Thank you!

Spotted Books!